Steering Tool Operations

The MS wireline wet connect system is designed for use with steering tools, gyros, and logging tools. The system allows data transmission using wireline during drilling and live well operations. The male connector is attached to the downhole end of the wireline and downhole tools, and the female connector is attached to the wireline truck. A field-serviceable swivel is installed just above the female connector to allow communication while in rotary mode.

Specific features of our steering tools operations include:

  • Real-time data acquisition. Our steering tools operations are capable of working in both rotary and slide mode, which allows real-time data acquisition.
  • Gamma ray capabilities. Our steering tools operations provide real-time gamma ray logging, and we offer focused gamma ray logging upon request.
  • Multi-profile operation. We provide fluid and air drilling applications. Our fluid drilling operations can occur in high lost-circulation materials (LCM) concentrations, and our air drilling operations are possible due to proprietary downhole configurations.

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